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Knowledgeable Canton lawyer represents accused individuals throughout Northeast Ohio

Being charged with a crime can be a serious and frightening matter, and a conviction can have lasting consequences, including the loss of your freedom and hefty fines. Since 1995, Michael Boske, Attorney at Law in Canton has been vigorously defending the rights and freedom of clients throughout Northeast Ohio. I am extremely familiar with this state’s criminal justice system and am prepared to guide you through the legal process while ensuring you understand what your legal options are.

Determined legal advocacy in felony and misdemeanor cases

For more than 27 years, my criminal defense law firm has routinely offered support to clients facing a range of charges, including theft, drug crimes, sex crimes and assault. I also take on cases involving the following offenses:

  • DUI/DWI — Ohio law prosecutes anyone suspected of operating a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol (known as OVI), whether that vehicle is motorized or not. If you have been charged with OVI, even a first-offense conviction can bring penalties that include jail time, fines and license suspension. As your lawyer, I will investigate your OVI charge to see if improper police procedure or a faulty breathalyzer test was involved, then push for the charges to be dropped or reduced based on my findings.
  • Traffic violations — While most moving violations in Ohio are considered administrative offenses or minor misdemeanors, these offenses do not come without penalties. While it may seem easier to just pay the fine, it may be a better move to seek the help of an attorney to fight the ticket. My law firm can help you fight all types of traffic violations. Using my local traffic court knowledge, I can quickly assess the facts of your situation and advocate for your rights inside and outside the courtroom.

I am steadfast in fighting for a positive outcome for my clients and diligent in challenging the prosecution’s case against you.

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