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Canton, Ohio, Civil and Criminal Trial Lawyer

For many people, the stress related to criminal charges, a divorce, or even a car accident can seem overwhelming. In these cases, you need an advocate who is willing to fight for your rights. You need an attorney who can help you to understand the legal process and explain your options.

I'm Michael Boske, a lawyer in Canton, Ohio. I represent clients in divorce, personal injury and criminal defense cases throughout Northeast Ohio.

Over the years, I have learned that your opponent in any case — whether it is a divorce, an auto accident or a felony DUI offense — has to know that your lawyer is willing to fight for you. If you hire a criminal defense lawyer who is known for always pleading cases out, you are not likely to receive a favorable plea bargain from the prosecutor. Similarly, an insurance company is much more likely to make a lowball offer in an auto accident case if your lawyer does not have a successful track record of trying cases in court.

During my 22 years as an attorney in Northeastern Ohio, I have handled thousands of cases. I am willing to be aggressive and try your case if that is what is necessary to protect your interests.

For an initial consultation about your case, contact lawyer Michael Boske.

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