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Canton Drug Trafficking Charges Lawyer

Ohio Drug Charges Attorney

Drug trafficking charges can carry severe penalties, including mandatory prison sentences. If you have been arrested for, charged with or are under investigation for drug trafficking, do not hesitate to speak with a skilled defense lawyer.

I'm Michael Boske, a criminal defense attorney with over 22 years of experience. I have developed strategies to build the strongest possible defense on your behalf, fight drug trafficking charges and keep you out of prison. Get started on your defense today by calling my law office at 330-455-6400 for a free initial consultation.

What Is Drug Trafficking?

Drug trafficking is a type of drug crime that generally involves any of the following charges:

  • Growing or cultivating marijuana
  • Manufacturing or processing any controlled substance
  • Possessing a controlled substance
  • Selling or distributing a controlled substance
  • Possession, selling or distributing drug paraphernalia

If you are buying a drug, selling a drug or have a large amount of a drug in your possession, you can be charged with a felony. At Boske Law Offices, I can immediately begin to develop your defense. I look at how the evidence against you was obtained. Did law enforcement violate search and seizure laws? If your constitutional rights were violated, the evidence can be suppressed, and the charges can be dismissed. As your criminal defense attorney, I am consistently striving for the best possible outcome for you.

Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act

The Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act was passed by the federal government in 1970. The Act puts drugs into five classifications or "schedules." The schedule, or type and amount of drug, will determine how federal drug charges are brought and the penalties. Conviction of federal drug charges can result in a minimum five-year prison sentence.

Boske Law Offices seeks a dismissal of the drug trafficking charges, a reduction of the charges if dismissal is not obtained and vigorously protects your rights. I can identify weaknesses in the prosecution's case and build a strong defense on your behalf, a defense that protects your rights and your future.

Drug Trafficking and Gun Charges

If you are facing guns and weapons charges in conjunction with drug trafficking charges, talk to me. You deserve an attorney who can develop a strong defense to help you avoid additional penalties.

Contact Me for Your Free Consultation

I defend clients throughout Northeastern Ohio who have been charged with drug trafficking. Schedule your free initial consultation by calling 330-455-6400. Or, submit an online contact form to have someone from my law office get in touch with you.

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